Victor B. Cohen is a veteran in the field of exercise and nutritional consulting for more than a decade. He is a former NFL alumnus of the Cincinnati Bengals and Natural Bodybuilding Champion. Victor is also a "Two-Time Personal Trainer of the Year" recipient, named by Gold's Gym and World's Gym. As a Certified Personal Fitness Specialist, Victor is CPR certified, fully licensed and insured.

Victor has consulted and trained personally with clients from all over the country and the world in the benefits of exercise and nutrition. He has greatly improved the lives of people afflicted with diabetes, cancer, fatigue, obesity as well as those who just want to achieve a lean and healthy body.

Victor has successfully trained World-Class Athletes to help them improve their overall sports performance, Actors, Top Business Executives, Music Entertainers, Doctors, Lawyers Authors, etc.

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Victor B. Cohen, CPT

NFL Alumni 4x NFE All Star/All American
Award Winning Personal Trainer
"Personal Trainer to the Stars"
Motivational Speaker
12+ Years Experience
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